Monday, September 30, 2013

Blasphemy Day

Each year we practice what is called Blasphemy Day in support of free speech and to outline the harms caused by those who would force their religion on others. To that end I offer this statement and these links:

Your religion is yours, and you are welcome to follow its laws and guidelines as you please, but you have no right to hold me to the same standard. If I want to draw a picture of your profit, or insult your God, I have every right to do so. If you wish to say that what I'm doing is offensive, you have every right to do so. What you do not have the right to do is to punish me, coerce me, prevent me, or otherwise force your religion and its rules on me.

Push to call blasphemy a crime

Blasphemy Laws – The United Nations is embarking on a dangerous path

David Nicholls president of the AFA responded today with “It should be emphasised to the UN how irrelevant blasphemy is in a democratic secular society such as Australia and other western countries. We would do well to strongly remind those that propose worldwide blasphemy laws that our opinion of the idea of blasphemy is that it is just a tool to stifle criticism of religion, and in this country we welcome criticism and discussion. Ban Ki-Moon is making a grave error of judgment on this matter and appears to be pandering to the Islamic world.”
Nicholls continued, “Blasphemy laws are essentially religious laws, and will always impose upon people in other religions and the non-religious. Blasphemy laws serve to deny people the right to question, to explore the possibilities or to come to their own conclusions. To artificially restrict the marketplace of ideas only to those imposed by fear and force is to deny people the right to decide for themselves.”

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